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The new version of NAKO ( is now available to download.

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NAKO - What's coming?

We are proud to announce that version is in development. Some of the major changes include:
  1. Improved functionality around implementing multiple export batches for a department or employee
  2. The speed of loading data on the Approve Time Entries and Export screen has been improved dramatically, in some cases from 2 minutes down to 10 seconds.

When are we planning to launch this version?  17 September 2012

NAKO - What's New?

Bug Fixes:
  • Please consult your Gtaf consultant for a complete list of the latest updates to version

NAKO - What's New?

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where reports were unable to display if a user belongs to multiple departments.

NAKO - What's New?

New Features:
  • Warnings can now be exported to CSV files and printed.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where 255 time entries were not synchronized correctly.
  • When opening the Readers setup screen a sync will be performed automatically.
  • Departments can no longer be set as their own parents.
  • 18/5/2011 has been added to the standard holiday list. Please note it must still be imported if used.

NAKO - What's New?

New Features:
  • Reports now have multiple ordering options.
  • A new tab is available under reports called 'Report Settings'.
  • A new shift rule has been added. 'Warn if clocked hours is more than X'. Default warning level is 12 hours, change the warning level if desired.
  • Time Entry Management screen has been improved considerably.
  • A Standard holidays import option has been added to the special/exclusion days lists of shifts and groups.
  • Show/hide options have been added to the basic reports.
  • Warnings are now displayed on the reports pages if any are found.
255 Events:
  • A new screen has been added called 'Synchronize Readers'. Select which readers' 255 events must be synchronized.
  • All 255 events of the activated readers will be imported.
Bug Fixes:
  • Terminated employees now correctly displays on all reports.
  • Bug fixed with the export print option.
  • An error that ocurred when saving an employee has been fixed.
Download NAKO vs

NAKO What's New?

  • You can now customize the fields displayed on employee report. Click on the 'Customize Report Fields' button.
  • A huge improvement has been made to the way time entries are modified. Clearer distinction has been made between working with an employee or time entries.
  • Time entries management page now displays total hours per paired entry.
  • The page now highlights both entries that are paired together when selecting an entry.
  • Basic reports now include a total column and report totals.
  • A new rule has been added to the department rules page called 'No Overtime'.
Bugs Fixed:
  • A bug where logo's were behind data on the export print-out is now fixed.
  • Export and Print Reports now remember the same selection settings.
  • Various other minor bugs and improvements have been made.
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